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Fortegra Financial Unifies Existing Divisions into a Single Marketing Brand

Company Release - 1/6/2015 9:00 AM ET

Insurance services company unifies existing brands in order to maximize customer benefits and optimize their experience

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Fortegra, a Tiptree Financial Inc. company (NASDAQ:TIPT), today announces the merger of its eight underwriting divisions into one, unified insurance services brand. The move is designed to maximize customer benefits and experiences by providing multi-faceted, comprehensive insurance coverage through one customer-facing organization. This is the first step in Fortegra building a single brand with a consistent sales and marketing customer experience.

“Today’s consumer requires a multitude of insurance services, which is why we’ve combined the very best of current warranty and specialty insurance providers to form the new, unified Fortegra,” said Rick Kahlbaugh, CEO, Fortegra. “By realigning our existing brand and unifying the organization, we can better address customer needs, allowing our partners and consumers alike to worry less while experiencing more.”

Fortegra’s new product portfolio is divided into four segments including automotive, credit protection, warranty, and specialty program underwriting. Within these product categories Fortegra offers a range of services including auto clubs, vehicle protection products, credit insurance and warranty coverage for appliances, furniture, electronics, and mobile devices.

As a result of the organizational realignment, the following eight underwriting groups now operate under the Fortegra marketing brand: Life of the South, Pacific Benefits Group, South Bay Acceptance Corporation, ProtectCELL, 4Warranty, Auto Knight Motor Club, Continental Car Club, and United Motor Club of America.

Also as part of the move, Fortegra has launched an updated company website, overhauled marketing efforts, and strengthened company positioning. With an updated logo, tagline and corporate voice, Fortegra is now a more accessible brand with a consistent brand promise, voice and tone.

“Our goal is to elevate Fortegra’s core values of simplifying lives, lessening risks, and granting consumers more freedom,” said Scott McLaren, CMO, Fortegra. “This unified brand identity represents our evolution as a forward-thinking, single source insurance solution. It will allow us to rally behind a single brand promise and drive a consistent client and customer experience. One that will allow us to provide superior support to our partners which will elevate us above the commoditized vendor approach. It will allow us to really engage with our partners in ways which will maximize their bottom line and deepen their relationships with their customers.”

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Fortegra, a Tiptree Financial Inc. company (NASDAQ:TIPT), is a single source insurance company that, through a network of preferred partners, offers a range of specialty program underwriting, credit protection, and warranty solutions. Delivering multi-faceted coverage with an unmatched service experience for both resellers and their end customers, Fortegra solves immediate, everyday needs, empowering consumers to worry less and experience more.

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